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Unique range of products

Light bulbs in virtually any shape or size: these are the cores of our range of products. Our proud flagship is our own brand Calex. Nowhere will you find an equally extensive range of products. Electro Cirkel is also the right address for associated electronic appliances. From batteries to measuring instruments, fuses to cables and household appliances to telephony. Virtually everything is deliverable from stock so delivered to you as quick as lightning!

Innovation is in our genes

Electro Cirkel is forerunner in applying new technologies. Take for instance our range of LED-lighting and our energy-saving halogen range. We have had world firsts with compact fluorescents in warm tones, LED-lights in retro-designs and light sources with a visible filament. New models are added continually. We identify our customer’s wishes and ideas and translate these to new appealing products. Innovation is in our genes.

Decisive and flexible

Electro Cirkel works in close cooperation with several producers in China. This ensures that we can anticipate quickly to new trends and needs. Whether you are looking for a lamp with a special fitting or a special tone, we can build it in no time. We can realize our customer’s wishes – in any desired volume. With Electro Cirkel you can count on flexibility and decisiveness!

Information and quotes

Do you have any questions or do you want to receive one of our catalogues? Please contact our sales team. Our staff will gladly help you with advice and assistance.
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Corporate Movie



Mastering the quality and environment are essential parts of business to Electro Cirkel.

In the field of quality, Calex sets itself the goal for continued
improvement. This is the reason that we have adopted a quality management
system based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

From a quality point of view, compliance with relevant laws and regulations, requirements and wishes of customers and management concerning technical quality of the products are important themes.

From an environmental point of view, important themes include continuous work to reduce environmental pollution, reducing waste, reducing energy consumption, reuse of materials and effective management of the logistic processes.

In practice
A number of practical examples in which Electro Cirkel achieved good results:
• reduction of CO2 emissions from transport;
• optimal route planning;
• periodic assessment of suppliers;
• good waste management system;
• application LED lighting in own warehouse;
• reuse of packaging materials;
• structural periodic inspection of equipment and installations;
• far developed ERP system;
• EDI invoicing;
• EDI ordering systems.



We at Electro Cirkel cherish the environment. Therefore we want to point out the importance of recycling. Both packing materials as well as (electronic) products need to be recycled at the end of their lifespan. Doing so you contribute to prevent hazardous materials to spread in to the environment and to re-use materials.

Symbols used to promote (sorted) recycling are:

Triman recycle



We have no vacancies at this moment. Nevertheless, we always welcome unsolicited applications. If you have the right attitude and qualifications, we will make every effort to find an interesting position for you. Please send your letter and your resume to info@electrocirkel.com.




Electro Cirkel

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