Second place for Calex in yearly review by Consumentenbond

20 October 2017

Earlier this month the October edition of the Consumer Guide came out. This contained an article about their annual test for LED. The Calex Filament with product number 474510 came in second, with a nice 7.9 as final grade!

The lamps have been tested on a number of components including; light output, price, efficiency, beam angle and color reproduction. If dimmability had also been a measuring component, we can say that Calex had certainly won first price. Nevertheless, we are proud of this result and will continue to optimize and improve our LEDs!

A few years ago, LEDs were still newcomers to the lighting industry. Where incandescent light bulbs did not have a long lifespan and energy-saving light bulbs start up slowly, LED does not suffer from all of these points. LEDs last up to ten times as long, give the right light immediately and are more energy-efficient than all predecessors. With this you can save up to € 10, – per light source on an annual basis!

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