Calex, creators of ambiance

With Calex, we put a lot of emphasis on ambiance. With over 400 types of lamps, we have something to suit every taste. New models are constantly being added. That’s because we are open to our customers’ wishes and ideas, and translate these into new, appealing products. Innovation is in our genes.

Balanced assortment

Our own research and development department works on innovation and quality control for our Calex products every day in order to create a sophisticated and balanced assortment of light sources.

With these, you can dominate the market as a wholesaler or retailer. Our quality, innovations and total concept guarantee success and revenue.

Hitch a ride on our marketing

We work hard to gain more brand awareness among consumers with Calex. For that reason, various campaigns are held throughout the year, in different media (TV, outdoor, online & print), with a lifestyle and ambiance theme. If you are interested in hitching a ride with our marketing, just contact our sales team.

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