Protection of personal data

Electro Cirkel appreciates the fact that you visit this website and show interest in the activities. We believe that protecting your personal data and thus your privacy is a more than serious matter and would like you to feel comfortable while reading and using our internet pages.

All pages from the public part of our website can be visited. For this a user verification is not necessary. If you visit this website, the general data is stored in the log files of the web server. These are not personal and will not identify you as a visitor. This data is only collected for statistical purposes. We only use your personal information if it has to do with a request from you, for example; when you are looking for online contact.

All personal data provided by you will be processed in accordance with the applicable regulations, such as the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) and the guidelines of the Data Protection Authority (www.cbpweb.com). Your data will only be provided to third parties when this is necessary to process your application. We will not provide your personal information to a government body unless we are legally obliged to do so.

Information that you enter in one of our online fields or forms will be stored electronically by us. If you would like to amend, correct or delete your personal details, please let us know by e-mail at info@electrocirkel.com.

We use Google Analytics cookies to understand the way visitors use our website, so that we can continue to improve the user experience. We have concluded an agreement with Google in which agreements have been made regarding the handling of the collected data. The data is processed anonymously, not shared with third parties and will not be used for other Google services. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change the settings of your browser(s) so that you receive a notification when cookies are sent. You can then refuse cookies from certain (or even all) websites. You can also remove cookies from your browser or disable them entirely.

Intellectual Property

The (intellectual) property rights on this website and the content displayed on it are owned by Electro Cirkel and are protected by law. The available information and content may not be used without our express permission, except for private or other personal use as referred to in the Personal Data Protection Act. The articles published on our website may be published by publishers in paper media [newspapers and (professional) journals] without our prior permission, provided that a clear reference to the source is included. In addition, the publisher must provide us with a copy of the journal or daily newspaper in which the relevant article has been included.

Exclusion of liability and responsibility

The information shown on this website is composed by Electro Cirkel with constant care and attention. Nonetheless, it is possible that information published on the site is incomplete and/or incorrect. The information on the website is regularly updated and/or adapted. Electro Cirkel reserves the right to make any changes with immediate effect and without any notification.

Electro Cirkel is not liable for damage resulting from inaccuracies or omissions in the information offered, nor for damage, malfunctions or delays in the provision of information or services offered by Electro Cirkel. We also accept no liability for any damage suffered as a result of the use of data information or advertising, provided via the website.

Electro Cirkel accepts no responsibility for the content of websites to which or from which reference is made by means of a hyperlink or otherwise. We do not guarantee that e-mails or other electronic messages sent to it will be received and processed on time and accepts no liability for consequences of not receiving or processing them too late.

The utmost care is devoted to the composition and content of this website. Electro Cirkel does not, however, accept any liability for the correctness and completeness thereof, or the direct or indirect consequences of acts or omissions on this basis. Under no circumstances can rights of any kind be derived from the content of this website.

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