Happy place to work

The driving force behind Electro Cirkel’s success is its hardworking workforce, which stands ready every day to meet our customers’ wishes. We are a Rotterdam based company with the typical “no nonsense” attitude of Rotterdammers at work.

A sparkling work environment

Our informal corporate culture makes for a pleasant working atmosphere in which you can feel at home. Where possible, we help our employees to grow in their current roles and achieve their ambitions for the future.

Always in motion

We are always looking for enthusiastic hard-working colleagues to help us improve our company. Our employees benefit from the stability of a financially sound company with an excellent pension and CAO (Collective Labour Agreement).

Employee story

Martin van Tholen – Quality Controller

Here is a man who knows all. When I started at Electro Cirkel 25 years ago, I had a 15-year background in electrical engineering as a service engineer. When I had been working in the warehouse for a few years, I was asked to assess the lamps in terms of performance, regulations and other important matters. When I was just starting on this, we didn’t yet have the kind of advanced equipment that we have now. A lot has changed since then. In my time here, I have seen the company grow into the Electro Cirkel you see today.

Marijn Marchand – Business Analyst

As a Demand Planner, I started up a forecast project in March 2016. After this project, there proved to be a major need to acquire more insight into the BIG data, and I continued in the role of Business Analyst. Over the past year and a half, we have been able to make really good analyses that provided insight into the business processes and enabled us to drastically improve efficiency on many fronts. This makes it so thrilling for me to work at Electro Cirkel. What could be finer than a successful result in which you were also able to let your own light shine? And, as P.S. Buck once said: “All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.”

Natalie Martinez Vente – Financial Administration

I started working for Electro Cirkel B.V. (as it was then) in 1993 when I was 19 and had just finished my studies. I worked as a secretary for the four Directors at that time. I did that for over four years. In 2016, after a long absence, I was taken on again as a Customer Accounts clerk in the Financial Administration Department. This was a warm welcome after a long time. For me, Electro Cirkel literally brought light back into my life. The positive thing about Electro Cirkel is, above all, the humanity they demonstrate. They look not at belief, colour or age, but at who you are!

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What happens when I apply?

How would you describe Electro Cirkel as a working environment?

Electro Cirkel is an organisation with a clear, explicable structure, in which people work and are accountable and responsible for their actions. People who are fairly free, within the frameworks laid down by the board and the management, to make an independent contribution to the mission, vision and goals of Electro Cirkel. People who work at Electro Cirkel need little telling what to do. They are creative, proactive, flexible and committed, and they have a great sense of responsibility towards customers, the product, and colleagues.

Does Electro Cirkel have a CAO?

Yes, Electro Cirkel adheres to the CAO for Employers in the Technical Wholesale Trade.

What are the working days and hours at Electro Cirkel?

The working days are Monday to Friday. The normal working hours are usually 08.30 to 17.00 hours. Due to the nature of its work, the working hours of the Logistics Department are somewhat different, but we don’t have a shift system or weekend duties.

Can I work part-time at Electro Cirkel?

Depending on the position, it is possible to work part-time subject to consultation with your immediate superior.

How much do employees contribute to their pension?

Electro Cirkel has a superb pension scheme for its employees. The employee’s contribution to the pension amounts to 10% of the monthly premium.

What opportunities for self-development are there at Electro Cirkel?

Electro Cirkel is an ambitious and constantly developing organisation. This requires that employees also take up the responsibility to develop themselves in their functions and beyond. In order to support employees in this, Electro Cirkel has made the online learning tool ‘Goodhabitz’ available to them. The entire package of over 100 learning modules is available to every employee.

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