Calex selected by Forbes as Top 100 AioT company

24 October 2019

We are delighted and proud to announce that Calex is selected by Forbes as one of the 100 companies that lead the SMART industry with AIOT innovation technology.

During the 2019 Global Intelligent Business Summit held on October 23 in Shenzhen China, Russell Flannery of Forbes Global Media Holdings Ltd. announced the results of the 2019 Forbes AioT Top 100 companies. The top 100 AioT companies cover smart home, smart life, smart scenes and international smart brands.


The selection was based on the overall smart product category, shipments in the past 12 months and the smart product revenue growth rate which resulted in a shortlist of 200 companies. Followed by verifying the company’s information, industry influence, brand reputation and company scale that resulted in the final selection of the top 100 companies.

Leading brand

Calex was proudly represented by our Commercial Director Will Smits during the “Revitalization — Building the Future of IoT Together” 2019 AI+IoT Business Conference. Calex was presented as the leading brand in the consumer lighting industry on both decorative as well as smart lighting. Together with our strategic partner in AioT, Tuya, we shared our ambitions on future development and growth.

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