Calex Smart Outdoor, the newest additions to the Calex Smart ecosystem

16 August 2021

In addition to the Calex Smart portfolio for indoor, the brand now also comes with a complete Smart range for outdoor! A smart garden has never been easier. Manage them from the same Calex app that you already use for your existing Calex Smart products and adapt them to your personal preferences.

Stylish lighting solutions

Enjoy the endless possibilities with a variety of stylish lighting solutions for your garden. Classic, modern, industrial, Calex has it! From wall lamps to led strip and ground spots to security lamp. No separate lamps in outdoor fixtures, but fully integrated smart systems that work on Bluetooth Mesh. Regardless of the size of your garden or the number of items placed, these weatherproof products are all connected to each other.

Easy control

Switch from ambient warm white light in the garden to 100+ colour options to suit your mood. Make it your own and easily set timers, automations and personal preferences with the new Calex Smart Outdoor collection. Just like the indoor products, you can also connect the outdoor items to your smart home assistant like; Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri to control your lighting with your voice.

Assistance with installing

The Smart Outdoor items are easy to connect. To clarify the installation process Calex has made instruction videos per product. A smart garden has never been easier.

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