Calex, Why Matter matters for us and you

08 November 2022
What is Matter? How does it work? 

Matter is a next-generation smart home technology that connects your smart devices using Internet Protocol (IP) networking. Matter aims to reduce the smart device market fragmentation while improving security and reliability. Matter will provide unprecedented easiness of adding devices to a Smart Home system.

What does this mean for our customers?

Calex has one of the largest product ranges of Smart Home appliances in Europe. With over more than 75 device types, we offer a matching solution to meet every customer’s needs. Adding a wide range of certified Matter products will allow us to offer our customers incredibly simple and solid experiences when adding new or additional devices to their smart home systems. Matter technology, integrated with our modern and user-friendly Calex Smart Home app, will allow our customers to easily and effortlessly add their devices within minutes.

How does Matter work?

Matter is designed to provide customers with the most enjoyable experience possible while adding devices. But that’s not the only reason. Matter has been designed to add additional layers of security to smart devices and make them much more interoperable with other smart home devices. How does it work from a practical point of view? A customer buys a Calex smart bulb, opens the box, turns on the bulb, scans the QR code printed on the bulb, and taps to add the device. That’s it, no more steps to take, and that’s the magnificence of it. Scan, install and done. It will open the door to new solutions, services, and capabilities that we will start introducing soon to make the Calex brand even more convenient and enjoyable to our customers.

When will your Matter product be available?

 We expect to start shipping the first devices within the European market during the first quarter of next year. Please keep a close eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletter, so we can proactively keep you informed of all exciting developments in relation to Matter and Calex.

We are confident that a bright future is ahead of us when it comes to Smart Home products that incorporate security, interoperability, and ease of use for our customers.

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