Here’s what you need to know about the new EU regulations on light sources and energy labels

25 September 2021

Per September 2021 the lighting market has undergone some fundamental changes. Calex explains what these changes mean for you.

New regulations

We all want to protect the environment. We do this by constantly improving the durability of our products and by designing and shipping packaging as ecologically as possible. Now, a new EU regulation 2019/2020 on lighting (Single Lighting Regulation – SLR) and a new EU regulation 2019/2015 on energy labelling (Energy Label Regulation – ELR) have been put together. Everyone in the lighting industry must comply with these new regulations.

These regulations no longer distinguish between lamps and luminaires, they only concern the light sources. The energy efficiency will therefore be evaluated only for the light source. The product characteristics per lamp are documented in the EPREL database (European Product Database for Energy Labelling).

But what will be noticable for you?

  • The existing packaging will be slightly modified in terms of design. They will be equipped with the latest energy labels with QR codes that link directly to the EPREL database and clear energy classification.
  • All light sources from the EU are included in the EPREL database. Everybody has access to this database, so complete transparency.
  • New energy labels with new classification. Light sources are becoming more and more economical and were already in the highest energy categories (A+++, A++, A+, A, B…) until September 2021. Instead of adding more + to the labels, it was decided to introduce a new scale. This has become A to G. So the lamp will not suddenly be less energy efficient after September 2021, the classification works differently now and will be able to withstand future energy-saving developments for the coming years.
  • Until March 2023 the existing products may still be sold without a label change. After that, it is possible that some products will no longer be marketed in the EU tomorrow and will therefore not be available for sale.
Decorative light sources

The official definition of a light source is as follows: “A light source is an electrically working product that emits white light. This can be a lamp, a module or a luminaire with fully integrated components. Luminaires may consist of a light source (fully integrated luminaire) or may contain one or more light sources (containing product)”. As a result, our decorative light sources no longer all fall under the denominator “light source” and therefore do not have an energy label in all cases. Of course, we still indicate the consumption of the lamp on the packaging and the lamp base by means of the wattage.

Detailed label

With the entry into force of the EU ELR 2019/2015 regulation, all light sources must be included in the EPREL database (European Product Database for Energy Labelling) from 1 September 2021. All light sources have been assessed and relabelled according to sustainability and ecological aspects.

The new labels look slightly different, but contain the same information as before. Only the Energy Value ladder now runs from A to G instead of A++ to E and each article now has a product-specific QR code that links to the EPREL database.


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