Improved Storefinder

26 November 2018

In October our national Calex campaign aired on TV, online and on various social media channels. In addition to the temporary landing page that will remain visible until the end of December, we have also taken considerable care of the storefinder at

Consumers can now:
– Request an up-to-date store overview when entering their zip code or city
– Immediately check which category of lamps they are looking for and only see the relevant stores

We have heard from a number of our retailers that they can no longer be found in the storefinder and want to be reintroduced. For that, we offer our sincere apologies. During the cleaning we may have been a bit too enthusiastic. Of course, we will gladly add your store again! From now on, this activity will happen monthly, on the last Friday of the month.

Applications for the storefinder can be sent to stating the available series in the store to be added.

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