LED lighting for BIO foundation

30 August 2018

When our Sales Manager walked onto the premises of Bio Vakantieoord, a recreational resort for disabled children and their families in Arnhem, The Netherlands, it became clear we could help this foundation! Coming September, the company will supply light sources for the 17 bungalows on the resort.

Electro Cirkel Retail and Stichting Bio, the foundation behind Vakantieoord Bio, first met during an event  organized by 100% NL Magazine. There the idea arose for a gift in the form of energy-saving lamps. “Albert: I thought it was important that we could contribute to the great work the foundation and the people on the park do.” With this donation, Stichting Bio saves almost 3 thousand euros on energy every year. That is money they can now spend on other things, such as activities with the vacating families and facilities to make the park even better and more fun.

The lamps that provide this saving are LED lamps from Calex, the owned lamp brand from Electro Cirkel Retail. This brand stands for ambiance and price-friendly lighting solutions for all areas. In total 500 lights with a combined retail value of € 4000, – will be installed in all 17 bungalows. Thanks to the long life of the LED lamps, Stichting Bio can continue to improve in the coming years and continue to save energy.

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