New slogan and lookbook for Calex

22 November 2021

Since the launch of the Calex Smart collection in 2019, new developments and products have followed each other in impressive succession. Calex started with a modest collection of regular (multicoloured) smart lamps, distinctive atmospheric lamps in both XXL and smaller sizes and a number of devices to introduce people to smart comfort at home. Since then the portfolio has rapidly expanded to include security items, a fully integrated outdoor portfolio and various indoor items.

Newest category

The newest addition to Calex Smart is the Indoor collection. From adjustable smart built-in spots in 3 colors and a smart Christmas lightstring of 25 metres to a stylish Floorlamp, Ambient light and Moodlight. The last two are perfectly suitable for side tables or as a night light. The developments follow each other rapidly at Calex. Next quarter five more product launches are planned.

Creators of limitless solutions

Calex is known as a lifestyle brand with the slogan: Creators of ambiance. With the smart collection, Calex has added a scoop on top. From now on, the brand will advertise the smart collection as Creators of limitless solutions. With this Calex plays on the versatility of the products and the literally endless smart solutions that these items can offer. A complete smart ecosystem, easy to install, attractively priced, controlled by one free app.


The entire collection has been combined in the Calex Smart Lookbook that was launched last week. Get acquainted with the items in ambiance settings, styled the Calex way.

Check out the lookbook

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