Disposal contribution becomes recycling contribution

03 December 2018

We would like to inform you that the contribution for disposal charges will change for lamps and luminaires as of January, 2019.

Stichting LightRec Nederland has, in accordance with the amended EU regulations, also made a split between large and small luminaires with the corresponding differentiated tariffs.

From 1 January 2019 we will invoice you for the following disposal contributions on all deliveries:

LED lamps € 0.06
Incandescent lamps € 0.14
Fluorescent tube lamps € 0.14

Fixtures large / heavy
Fluorescent tube and incandescent lamps (> 50cm or> 750 grams) € 0.36
Luminaires with integrated LED (> 50cm or> 750 grams) € 0.36
Luminaires for exchangeable LED (> 50cm or> 750 gram) € 0.36

Luminaires small / light
Fluorescent tube and incandescent lamps (<50cm or <750 gram) € 0.06
Luminaires with integrated LED (<50cm or <750 gram) € 0.06
Luminaires for interchangeable LEDs (<50cm or <750 grammes) € 0.06

!These rates are only for our customers based in the Netherlands!

For more information or questions you can always contact our Sales department.

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