University of Rotterdam visits Electro Cirkel

09 April 2019

Electro Cirkel is one of the partners of the Strategic HRM module of the Human Resource Management course at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. A number of third-year students are asked to take a close look at the strategic HR policy of Electro Cirkel followed by a well substantiated recommendation.

Last Thursday the students visited Electro Cirkel. Useful questions were asked under the watchful eye of supervising teacher Anne Harm Berkema to help them gain a good understanding of the company. The business cases will be presented soon.

Our HR Officer Leslie Toorop is not unfamiliar with supervising college students. Previously, he was a teacher at the above mentioned university. “I was pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of these students and I enjoyed sharing the experiences of this company with them. That’s what  makes my HR heart beat faster! ”

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