Updates and new features for Calex Smart products

06 July 2021

In addition to the continuous stream of new additions to the Calex Smart portfolio, behind the scenes Calex also works hard on improvements and new features to make your home even more comfortable! Existing products are constantly under review to be even better suited to the needs of consumers.


For Calex it does not stop once you have purchased one or more attractively priced Calex Smart products. They listen carefully to feedback from the market and look for improvements and innovations to further stimulate the use of the existing products. Compatibility with external parties such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Siri and simplification of use are very important aspects here.

New features

By looking at trends and events with a hefty dose of creativity, the latest feature was recently launched. The music function in RGB Multicolour lamps makes it possible to change the colour of your lamp to the beat of the music being played. Perfect for all your home concerts, shows and house parties! In short, after purchasing your Calex Smart product the brand continues to provide a unique experience with these continuous free updates and features.

Coming soon 

Also keep an eye on the in-app Calex Experience Center! Here the latest features and how-to’s will be explained in detail. What’s next? Control via Smart Watch? Cloud storage? Stay informed of the developments and follow Calex on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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