Calex launches its own image database

21 June 2022

Due to the increasing amount of image material Calex has invested in an online database from which all image material can be downloaded with a few clicks of a button. From one image to an entire portfolio downloaded at once, this system makes it possible.


With this online image bank Calex can easily make image material like; product images, packshots, energy labels and lifestyle images available. This makes it easier for retailers to complete their online collection with supporting images. Of course the images can also be used for leaflets and other printed matter.

Login and download

Request an account via and let Calex inspire you! Calex invests a lot of time and money in creating high quality images to support its collection. Images may therefore only be used in combination with Calex products and/or the Calex word mark. Looking for something specific? Calex can help! Contact and get inspired!

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